I live in Hertfordshire, England, where I write about popular philosophy in modern life. I have a particular interest in the way people are rejecting mainstream religion and creating their own philosophies from the bottom up. These ideas cannot really be described as theological in the way that western religions are and they seem closer to eastern mysticism such Buddhism or Zen, while being dressed up with symbolism drawn from folkloric sources such as Tarot or the Zodiac. I try to bring an intellectual rigour to such subjects instead of merely accepting statements such as the incredibly fluffy idea of, 'everything has an opposite!' No it doesn't! What's the opposite of a football?

My first novel, The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil has recently been released worldwide after receiving excellent reviews in the UK. I'm currently working on a travelogue, which is distracting me from working on the second novel about an end of the world religious cult, Morris Men practised in the martial arts and the accidental destruction of a literary festival.

The biggest distraction, however, is the need to earn a living by working contracts for people who have proper money to spend on my skills. If you are a publisher, or an agent, you may have the key to a remedy for this. Check out my ideas and if you think they have legs then let's talk turkey.

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